Hello, I’m so ecstatic that you’re here!My name is Kaylee; foodie, blogger, want-to-be-photographer, cat lover, arts n crafts go-er. I inspire a lot of -almost- vegan recipes on my page. The reason being it’s -almost- is mainly because my tummy cannot handle a lot of meat & diary. I have morals about animals as well, but with my carnivore loved one’s it’s hard to completely omit.

Growing up I went to my dads house every other weekend, my step mom had started a binder with recipes we would make together. Of course upon request, my favorite foods to make at a young age were cookies, cakes, cavity initiators. When I was older I moved in with my boyfriend at the time. His mother introduced me to cheese, cilantro, salsa & my taste buds have never been the same.

Needless to say, my adventure was right in front of me. From making home made pasta, to dumplings, vegan, gluten, avocado-black bean-brownies, I love it. I crave making something new & enjoyable everyday. Savory is more up my alley, but i’m curious to try new sweet vegan treats. Follow me in my foodie adventure, ¬†introduce & entice my mind with new places, foods & yourself. & Thank you so much for being here